ERROR: Fileroom is not accessible at this time

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If you receive a message indicating that your fileroom is not currently accessible (Invalid file room directory, [fileroom path] is not accessible at this time], eDrawer or your computer cannot currently see the path indicated on the screen.

You can force a new connection by removing the fileroom and adding it again.

From the login screen, click on Configuration.

The password to enter is: Five%1940

Click on Maintain File Rooms.

Select the directory you're having difficulty connecting to, then click Delete.

Click the New button.

Click the folder icon and browse to the fileroom directory or enter the full path.

Enter a name for the fileroom.

Click Save.

Click Select.

Click Save and Exit.

If you receive an error message when clicking Save and Exit, your computer cannot access the fileroom path. Please contact your IT staff to make sure:

  1. You have the correct path
  2. The fileroom directory is available
  3. The drive the fileroom is located on is not full
  4. The Windows account you're logged into has full control of the fileroom directory
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