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If the no documents can be added or the buttons are grayed out on the top-right corner of the login screen side, there could be three possibilities:

  1. A drawer is selected, but there is no folder selected. A document cannot be added to a drawer without any folders. 
  2. The user does not have permission to add documents, whether that's to any location or the selected drawer/folder. 
  3. The license on the machine logged in has expired, which makes eDrawer read-only.

To check to see if each of those potential issues may be the cause:

  1. 1. Make sure that a folder is selected. If so, move on to #2. 
  2. Try logging in on the same computer with the admin user account. If the admin account can add a document but a user cannot, the user logged in does not have permission to add a file to the location selected. If admin cannot add any documents, move on to #3.
  3. At the login screen, are there any messages about running in demo mode or has the expiration date shown already passed?

If none of those resolved your issue, please submit a support ticket by clicking on the link below:

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