ERROR MESSAGE: Caused by: SELECT doc_curs

LSSP Corporation -

If you are getting an error message upon logging in that reads:

NOTICE: An error has been triggered. Please note:

  Caused by: SELECT doc_curs

Delete the following files in your eDrawer directory:
If you are unaware of where your eDrawer directory is located, by default, that location is C:\Program Files\(x86)\LSSP Corporation\eDrawer.

  • save_form_loc.txt
  • srch_doc_curs.FPT
  • temp_curs.FPT

Please note that not all files may exist in your eDrawer directory.

Replace the following files in your eDrawer directory:
All can be copied from another workstation or downloaded below.

  • filestruc.dbf
  • filestruc.log
  • indexstru.dbf

If that does not solve your issue, please submit a support ticket by clicking on the link below:

Submit a Support Ticket

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