Cannot scan after updating to PinPoint 3.0

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PinPoint 3.0 uses Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.3.1, which is a newer version of the same software used by previous version of PinPoint.

To scan directly into PinPoint 3.0, users will need to uninstall Dynamic Web TWAIN from their computer. If you have an older version of Dynamic Web TWAIN, you may receive a message that a newer version of the software is needed or no data may be returned from the scanner (all white page returned when scanning).

Go to Control Panel, find Dynamic Web TWAIN, and complete the uninstall.


Upon reloading the File/Review screen (adding a new document or opening an existing file), users will be prompted to download Dynamic Web TWAIN.


After clicking the Download button, run the installer. All default options will work, although you can choose alternative settings if you wish.

After the installer completes, refresh your browser page and click the scan button to scan using Dynamsoft 12.3.1.

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